Everlab is

Everlab is a young company dedicated to realizing your design projects. With our numerous design engineers educated at the Delft University of Technology we work hard to solve any design challenge our team encounters. From fine products like high-quality watches to others meant for the most rugged of industrial applications, the breadth reaches to all corners of design. Engaging our clients to reveal and develop ideal tangible solutions for both simple and complex problems is what we specialize in. Our agility helps to make the process an enjoyable one – all the way from co-creating an initial list of product requirements, through rapid prototyping, to ultimately finish with a polished product is what we love to do.

Industrial design

With Industrial Design a key aspect is that design precedes manufacture, nowadays almost exclusively through computer aided design (CAD). This is usually preceded by a brainstorming and sketching phase. The process can be focused on simplicity and producibility for low volumes, like when prototyping, but also on mass production of hundreds of thousands of products. It all falls under the umbrella term; Industrial Design Engineering.

Almost every single product that one uses in daily life has gone through the process industrial design. Design that takes all aspects of a product into consideration; appearance, function, producibility, user experience and cost, to name a few.