Everlab IT

bridging IT and users

A passion for problem solving that just so happens to have lead us down the path of IT. Focussing on security and usability.

The digital world can be dazzling to the average user. MFA this, backup that. Remember when you could login with just a simple username/password?

We want users to have a smooth experience, while keeping them and the company they work for secure.

Whatever IT issue is ahead of you, we can help you solve it!

System Administrator

Azure (Intune), oVirt, Synology, Ubiquiti

We care deeply about securing data. We love helping you become resilient.

Office Automater

Office365, Google Workspace, Adobe Suite, Atlassian (Jira/Confluence).

Stay on top of your company’s devices with MDM.

We streamline the employees’ experience. Your laptop needs to work for you.

Security Officers

We’ve helped clients become compliant with ISO, ISAE, SOC, WASP.

Security often feels like a nuisance. We smoothen the proces of staying secure.

Conference Rooms

Setting up conference rooms that look like the ones you know from the movies.

Webinar Rooms

A professional webinar needs coordination between cameras, microphones, headphones, internet and the hosts / guests.


What is an office without propperly working Wi-Fi?

Cable management

Keeping the office looking professional with all your devices connected is not easy.

Email, text or call, to reach out to see what we can do for your (future) IT venture.

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